Sophie Rainer

Sophie Rainer, Founder and Director

I have loved and been involved with horses since I was very young. In my mid-thirties, a dear friend decided that I needed to help her with her equine rescue work by dropping off a donkey at my house, and my love affair with donkeys began! This first equine donkey teacher was named Cachou, and he taught me just how different donkeys are from horses.

Eventually, my herd grew by three more young donkeys. With them, I began to take them to a nearby treatment center that specialized in helping people with severe neurological disorders.

Now that I am here in the United States, it is my dearest wish to bring the healing power of the donkey to those in need in my adopted country. 

In addition to my career in the equine industry in France, I have had a long career in the corporate world, managing finances, human resources, and project management. 

Donkeys of the Heart is my opportunity to take all my previous business experience and bring it to the non-profit arena. 

I believe this is my opportunity to be able to give back and make a difference for those in need here in the United States. 

We are located in Cave Creek, Arizona.

The Donkeys of the Heart, Inc is federally registered 501(c)3. (EIN 84-3626-799).